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avatar_critics's Journal

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Where honesty is the best policy.
Welcome to avatar_critics. This community is based on the principle that no piece of art or literature is ever truly finished, and criticism is the key to improvement.

Therefore, when submitting your work to this community, please keep in mind the following:

Whatever you are posting is subject to the scrutiny of others. Please do not expect any sort of exclamations of how wonderful and flawless your work is, rather be prepared to receive much criticism and advice on what could use improvement, what is lacking, and whether the characters are OOC.

If you're looking for praise, we would recommend you join places like deviantART (for art) and fanfiction.net (for prose)



For Art, please use the following format:

For Fiction, please use the following format:

For Fanvids (AMV's), please use the following format:

Fake-cuts are not allowed.

Please tag your post as either fanfiction, fanart, or fanvid.

*Anything submitted without an lj-cut will automatically be deleted.

Guidelines for Critiquing

Though the whole point of this community is to help people improve, please refer to these guidelines when commenting on other people's work:

1) DO NOT make your comments personal! If you have a vendetta against a particular pairing/character, DO NOT critique a story/art that depicts that pairing/character! That means if you're a Kataanger and you hate Zutara, or you despise Katara's guts or whatever the hell it is, stay far, FAR away from fanfics/fanarts that have to do with those ships/characters!

2) Try to put in something positive when commenting. It can be something as small as liking the format of the story, or the way a particular sentence is worded, because listing only the negative can be discouraging to the one submitting the work.

3) Regarding fics with Mary Sues/Gary Stues, though this is great breeding ground for some nastiness, please try to remember that we all had our fantasies regarding different characters in different cartoons/animes, and try to keep the resentment to the barest minimum.

When Receiving Criticism

1) DO NOT take any comments personally! This cannot be stressed enough! Anyone who critiques your work, is critiquing just that! Your WORK. They are not critiquing you, or your abilities, or trying to demean you in any way! They are trying to offer helpful advice on what can make you a better artist/writer, so even if things are worded a bit harshly, do your best to swallow it and take the advice to heart.

Anyone who is submitting their work must be prepared to have their piece torn apart. That means getting the cold, hard, truth.

Helpful Links for Writers/Artists

ConceptArt.org -- The place that inspired this community. They do not take kindly to anime, so be careful when submitting that kind of work there.
Epilogue -- A very quality-controlled fantasy art site.
The Elements of Style -- A good reference site for writers.
Writer's.net -- They frown over fanfiction at this site, but they have pretty useful tips there.
TOC About Writing -- A series of articles on writing from the The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. It's a real professional site that can give some tips for aspiring writers.
Character Thoughts -- A short guide on how to format character thoughts correctly.
Misused Words -- A short sweet list of commonly confused and, or misused words.
Merriam-Webster.com -- The Merriam-Webster dictionary online.
Usage Questions Answered -- Just as the link says.
Dictionary.com -- Find out the definition of any word you don't understand in the English language, including slang. They also have a "word of the day" e-mailing list you can sign up for.
Punctuation Made Simple -- If you've ever wondered about the use of a semicolon or a dash and where to place them in a sentence, be sure to check out this website which makes grammar easy to understand.
Guide to Grammar and Writing -- This site has EVERYTHING. From writing essays to resumé's, it'll help you build your plotlines, your sentences, whatever you need for writing.
The Transitive DemiGod -- This is a brief and hopefully charming guide to common grammar and punctuation errors in Internet Fanfiction, using examples with a Herculean twist.
The Modern English Grammar -- Ever wanted to write like Shakespear? This site helps you out with everything you need to know about formal English.

Thank you to flameraven, plushulala and bigbluebox for the links.

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